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Volume 112, Number 8 (2010)

by Adam Howard
This study examines the understandings of two White affluent students attending an elite private high school about the differences in educational experiences between low-income and affluent students. This article explores the ways in which students with schooling and life advantages actively construct privilege as a dimension or aspect of their identity.
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by Richard Sawyer & Armando Laguardia
Using a qualitative methodology, this study examines the relationship between a professional development effort centered on teaching history through a cultural encounters approach, and the history teaching practice of 21 teachers. Findings demonstrate that the participantsí conceptual frameworks toward history, grounded in their own professional knowledge and teaching expertise, were important factors in how they reconceptualized their views of curriculum.
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by Tara Star Johnson
This case study of two women teachers who had a sexual relationship with a student focuses on how and why they crossed ethical and professional boundaries. Implications for a distinction between erotic and abusive pedagogies are considered.
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by Meredith Mountford & C. Cryss Brunner
This article examines gendered patterns of decision making by school board members. The article primarily focuses on power, gender, and vocal space/influence at the school board table.
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by Kylie A. Peppler
This mixed-methods study documents what youth learn through media art making in informal settings, the strengths and limitations of capitalizing on youth culture in media art production, and the distinct contributions that media arts education can make to the classroom environment. Findings point to the ways in which youth engage with technology that encourages active learning and how new types of software can be used to illustrate and encourage this process.
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by Claire Howell Major
This article presents findings from a qualitative synthesis study that examines faculty experiences with online learning.
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by Cecilia Rios-Aguilar
The relationship between funds of knowledge and Latina/o studentsí academic and nonacademic outcomes.
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by Kate L. Phillippo
This article summarizes research, conducted in three small high schools, on teachersí conceptualization and enactment of the advisor role. Implications for advisory work in small high schools, teachers assuming social-emotional support roles, and role complexity are discussed.
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