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Teachersí Views of Studentsí Mathematical Capabilities: Challenges and Possibilities for Ambitious Reform

by Kara Jackson, Lynsey Gibbons & Charlotte J. Sharpe
This article reports on a qualitative analysis of interviews with 122 middle-grades teachers in two large urban districts regarding their views of their studentsí mathematical capabilities in relation to ambitious instructional improvement efforts.
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Dynamics of Low-Fee Private Schools in Kenya: Governmental Legitimation, School-Community Dependence, and Resource Uncertainty

by D. Brent Edwards Jr., Steven J. Klees & Janet L. Wildish
In this article, the authors explore the Kenyan governmentís engagement with low-fee private schools, document and assess the impact of this support on the behavior of schools, and clarify key actor perspectives and responses within this context.
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Book Reviews

Social and Emotional Learning in Out-of-School Time: Foundations and Future

by Elizabeth Devaney, Deborah A. Moroney
reviewed by Brittney Beck


Straddling Class in the Academy: 26 Stories of Students, Administrators, and Faculty From Poor and Working-Class Backgrounds and Their Compelling Lessons for Higher Education Policy and Practice

by Sonja Ardoin and becky martinez
reviewed by Jeffrey Bieber & Jungmin Lee


African Immigrant Families in the United States: Transnational Lives and Schooling

by Serah Shani
reviewed by Rosalie Metro


Education researchers Felicia Castro-Villarreal and Sharon L. Nichols discuss their co-authored article, Intersections of Accountability and Special Education: The Social Justice Implications of Policy and Practice. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.


From Nostalgia to Student Success: A Professorís Journey with Open Education Resources

by Elizabeth M. Benton
For many community college faculty members, the textbook remains a staple of the college classroom. However, free and open or low cost texts via open education resources (OER) offer the possibility of expanding access to college for would-be college students otherwise discouraged from ever giving college a try. This narrative account challenges administrators and faculty members to engage in a promising educational change process that enriches curriculum and pedagogy of community college teaching and opens doors for students seeking post-secondary education and career preparedness.

Editorial Transition

by Gary Natriello
TCR announces the end of the current editors' term.

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