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Leadership with and for Undocumented and Unaccompanied Minor Students: Resiliency, Resistance, and School Change for Racial Equity

by Joseph T. Wiemelt & Lucia Maldonado
This chapter explores school leadership in fostering racial equity and institutional change for immigrant youth, including undocumented students and unaccompanied minors.
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Implementing Restorative Justice as a Step Toward Racial Equity in School Discipline

by Katherine Cumings Mansfield, Stacey Rainbolt & Elizabeth Fowler
Restorative practices hold potential for alleviating the racialized discipline gaps in American schools. Foundational to implementation includes recognizing a need for change, committing to anti-racist policy and practice, and providing professional development and other supports necessary to pave the way for sustained change.
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Book Reviews

The Craft of College Teaching: A Practical Guide

by Robert DiYanni & Anton Borst
reviewed by Rachel Moquin


African-Centered Education: Theory and Practice

by Kmt G. Shockley & Kofi Lomotey
reviewed by Lasana D. Kazembe


Leadership for Remote Learning: Strategies for Success

by Ronald Williamson & Barbara R. Blackburn
reviewed by Ahlam Lee


The Next Generation of STEM Teachers: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Meet the Needs of the Future

by Patrick M. Jenlink & Karen Embry Jenlink
reviewed by Adam V. Maltese & Qiu Zhong


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Publishing in TCR
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Envisioning the Future of TCR

by Michelle G. Knight-Manuel
Leveraging the strengths of the journal, welcoming more inclusivity, and enhancing their digital presence animates new directions for engaging the broader national and international educational community in service of the public good.
History Under Siege: The GOP, Critical Race Theory, and the Struggle against White Supremacy
by Eric J. Weiner
As states move to criminalize and/or censor educators who frame American history from the perspective of Critical Race Theory, it's important to remember what initially fueled these efforts. Over the course of two days in September 2019, the Trump administration quietly formalized its commitment to the ideology of White supremacy within the context of schooling and public education. Now weaponized at the state level, the radical conservative challenge to CRT must be read as a White Nationalist Strategy replacing the GOP's more traditional and limited Southern Strategy to codify the struggle against systems, formations, and structures of White supremacy as anti-American. The GOP's White Nationalist Strategy at the educational level is, at its core, an attack on historical memory. It supports the schooling of White supremacist ideologies within our public schools by policing curriculum and pedagogies that challenge the culture and ideology of White supremacy, the discourse of White privilege, and, more generally, teach against the grain of the official historical record.
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