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Volume 120, Number 6 (2018)

by Josipa Roksa & Denise Deutschlander
This article illuminates how students’ college-going attitudes and behaviors are rooted in family social and cultural resources.
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by Heather C. Hill, Douglas Lyman Corey & Robin T. Jacob
Since 2002, U.S. federal funding for educational research has favored the development and rigorous testing of interventions designed to improve student outcomes. However, a large proportion of the programs developed and rigorously tested in the past decade have shown null results on both student outcomes and, often, intermediate variables. In this paper, we argue for a more systematic approach to examining null results, and illustrate this approach via an examination of one program’s failure to impact teaching and learning.
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by Zeyu Xu & Kennan Cepa
This article examines the transitional impact of the Common Core State Standards on student college -readiness measures during the early stages of their implementation.
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by April S. Salerno & Amanda K. Kibler
This study uses the lens of figured worlds (individual, culturally based systems for meaning-making) to understand how English pre-service teachers build relationships with challenging students during four semesters of methods courses and field placements.
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by Jennifer Keys Adair, Kiyomi Sánchez-Suzuki Colegrove & Molly McManus
This study investigates how district administrators, school administrators, pre-K–3 teachers, and bilingual first graders within a school district serving Latinx immigrant families think about the role of agency in early learning.
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by Kristy Cooper Stein, Andrew Miness & Tara Kintz
The authors use cognitive flexibility theory to theoretically and empirically explore the relationship between how high school teachers understand student engagement and their ability to consistently engage students in class.
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by Holland W. Banse, Timothy W. Curby, Natalia A. Palacios & Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman
This study examines relations between fifth-grade teachers’ use of general teaching practices, such as emotional support, and mathematics-specific practices, such facilitating mathematical discourse, over the course of a school year.
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by Jennifer A. Delaney & William R. Doyle
This study documents changes in the amount of volatility in state funding for higher education. It also identifies patterns in the volatility, and does so over a longer time period than has been investigated in past research, using data that spans over a half century (1951–2006).
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