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Volume 119, Number 5 (2017)

by Kathleen F. Clark
This article reports the results of two related studies that investigated the effects of a 10-week reading intervention program in which culturally relevant texts were used for instruction on urban African American children’s reading achievement.
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by Rene P. Rosenbaum
This article documents the growing disparity in program quality between Migrant and Seasonal Head Start and Head Start overall and argues that the growing teacher qualifications gap documented between Head Start programs is Head Start policy related.
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by Jennifer Lin Russell, Anthony S. Bryk, Jonathan R. Dolle, Louis M. Gomez, Paul G. Lemahieu & Alicia Grunow
Authors of this article lay out a framework that transforms the concept of a Networked Improvement Community into an actionable plan. They acknowledge the challenges associated with network formation and provide a starting point for both practitioners and researchers seeking to deepen this work.
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by Marsha Ing & Karen Nylund-Gibson
This study describes heterogeneity in students’ math and science attitudes, and how their attitudes change over middle and high school The authors use nationally representative, longitudinal data, and link attitudinal trajectories to long-term STEM outcomes, such as getting a job in at STEM career.
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by Melissa Radey
In light of increasingly common, non-traditional pathways to college enrollment and the potential importance of post-secondary education for family well-being, this article examines mothers’ college enrollment in their child’s first 9 years among a cohort who gave birth in 1998.
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by Margaret Troyer
The authors of this article examine profiles of reading achievement and motivation among seventh graders and discuss key levers that may foster reading motivation.
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by Justin E. Freedman & Beth A. Ferri
In this paper, the authors use an intersectional framework to critically examine two aims of modern science: (a) to identify distinct biological markers of race and (b) to locate biological and neurological origins of Learning Disabilities.
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