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Volume 119, Number 4 (2017)

by Jeffrey Harding, Maggie C. Parker & Robert K. Toutkoushian
This article provides secondary statistical analysis of data from New Hampshire regarding the timing of information and decision-making in the college choice process.
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by Wouter Schenke, Jan van Driel, Femke P. Geijsel & Monique L. L. Volman
In this article, the authors examine the learning of school leaders, teachers, and researchers through boundary crossing in research and development projects in schools in relation to types of cross-professional collaboration.
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by Li-Ching Ho
Drawing on interviews with 24 social studies teachers in Singapore, this study interrogates the concept of harmony, investigates the implications of the state incorporating this concept as an educational goal for the public education system, and examines the affordances and constraints of harmony as an educational goal.
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by Katrina E. Bulkley & Jessica Gottlieb
In this article, the authors examine how those with influence in educational policy construct the idea of “teachers” and groups associated with teachers through implicit “policy images,” and how those images are reflected in policy prescriptions and policy designs.
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by Alex J. Bowers, Mark Blitz, Marsha Modeste, Jason Salisbury & Richard R. Halverson
This study investigates the existence and extent of significantly different subgroups of teacher and leader responses to the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) survey. This survey is a formative assessment of school leadership developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison employing the principles of distributed leadership and current research on leadership activities that promote student learning.
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by Susan A. Yoon, Jessica Koehler Yom , Zhitong Yang & Lei Liu
This study compares teachers’ social and human capital variables to see which of the two predict growth in classroom implementation of a high school science intervention based in cognitively rich and technology curricula.
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by Daniel H. Bowen & Jonathan N. Mills
In this article, the authors examine performance-based pay by applying methods from experimental economics and conducting surveys with teachers at districts that have implemented performance pay.
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by Maxine McKinney de Royston, Sepehr Vakil, Na’ilah Suad Nasir, kihana miraya ross, Jarvis Givens & Alea Holman
This article outlines the “politicized caring” approach that characterized the teacher–student relationships in a district-sponsored program for adolescent African American males.
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