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Volume 119, Number 2 (2017)

by Michael A. Gottfried
This study examines whether differences in achievement and socioemotional outcomes are correlated with having attended center-based care before/after school during kindergarten for children with disabilities.
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by Nicole L. Louie
This article highlights four types of resources that appear critical for supporting teacher learning through investigation of two cases of close teacher engagement with equity-oriented practice and two cases of relatively low engagement.
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by Christine Andrews-Larson, Jonee Wilson & Adrian Larbi-Cherif
In this article, the authors examine the focus and facilitation of teachersí collaborative conversations in schools that exhibited growth in instructional quality.
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by Thomas Fallace & Victoria Fantozzi
In this essay, the authors review the extensive literature on the Dewey School to argue that most accounts of the school relate at least one of three historiographical myths: the Dewey School as misunderstood; the Dewey School as triumph; and/or the Dewey School as tragedy.
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by Leslie David Burns & sj Miller
This article describes the development of the first formally accepted national standard for social justice teacher education in U.S. history. The article culminates in a discussion of how policymaking influences professional realizations about social justice as a matter of fundamental education policy reform and local practice.
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by Ahlam Lee
This article explores the effects of computer-based learning activities in math classrooms on STEM major selection in 4-year postsecondary institutions. The author uses a nationally representative sample of U.S. young adults who enrolled in 4-year postsecondary institutions by 2006.
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by Xueli Wang, Yating Chuang & Bo McCready
Drawing upon national data and two quasi-experimental methods, this study investigates the effect of earning an associate degree prior to transfer on community college transfer studentsí success at 4-year institutions.
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by Chris Curran
This study estimates the impact of the use of Teach for America by a school district on teacher vacancies reported by the district.
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