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Call for chapters

Attending to the Complexity of Identity and Interaction in Language Education
Edited by:
Nathanael Rudolph, Mukogawa Women's University
Ali Fuad Selvi, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus
Bedrettin Yazan, The University of Alabama

Introduction and Scope

This edited volume, drawing upon postmodern and poststructural theory, will represent a novel attempt to reconcile critical approaches to identity and experience, with attention to the complexity of identity and interaction in and beyond the classroom, within language education (Canagarajah, 2007, 2013; Cenoz & Gorter, 2015; De Costa, 2014; Jenkins, 2015; Kramsch & Zhang, 2017; Lin, 2013; Selvi & Rudolph, 2017). The volume will focus, in particular, on classroom practice that:

- apprehends and addresses the contextualized, sociohistorical construction of essentialization and idealization within communities and language learning classrooms therein,

- accounts for the dynamic, negotiated complexity of learner and user identity, and interaction, in the classroom, and

- equips learners for the challenges of interaction in a world characterized both by movement and diversity and simultaneous attempts to manipulate, control and stifle such variety and dynamism.

Our goal is to provide teaching professionals and teacher educators at all levels, in contexts around the globe, with a volume that transcends particular “language” teaching “fields” (e.g., ELT), bringing together common conversations and issues occurring in and across discursive spaces and discourse communities. We envision a volume that equips teachers and teacher educators, both present and potential with a theoretical foundation for their practice, and ideas and inspiration upon which to draw in their classrooms. The overarching working medium of the volume will be English, though contributors are free and encouraged to incorporate rich, translingual descriptions of conceptualized and actualized practice into their chapters.

Submission Instructions and Timeline
Individuals interested in participating in the volume are asked to submit a tentative title and abstract of up to 300 words outlining their proposed chapter, in addition to providing their name and affiliation. Please submit the document in .doc, docx, or.pdf format to Dr. Nathanael Rudolph, by April 15th, 2018, at najoru13@mukogawa-u.ac.jp.

Additionally, please feel free to contact the Editors with any questions regarding the content and foci of proposals.

Subsequent tentative deadlines are as follows:

Submission of first draft of chapter: November 31st, 2018
Feedback from Editors provided: December 31st, 2018
Submission for external review with the Publisher: February 15th, 2019
Feedback provided to Authors: May/June 2019
Revisions provided to Editors: September 2019
Feedback from external reviewers (if necessary): November/December 2019
Final revisions submitted to Editors: February/March 2020
Final manuscript submitted to Publisher: March/April 2020
Publication: August 2020

We look forward to hearing from you!


Bedrettin Yazan
Curriculum and Instruction
The University of Alabama


Dates: 3/8/2018 - 5/8/2018

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