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Parenting in the Age of High-Stakes Testing: Gifted and Talented Admissions and the Meaning of Parenthood

by Allison Roda
This paper analyzes the different ways in which white parents and parents of color conceive of good parenting in the era of high-stakes testing. It demonstrates the processes that help to produce inequities in our current educational system related to race, class, and G&T identification.
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The Arts, the Common Core, and English Language Development in the Primary Grades

by Christa Mulker Greenfader & Liane Brouillette
This study examines the speaking abilities of K2 Hispanic ELs who were randomly assigned to an arts-based professional development program that emphasized oral English-language interactions. Additional review suggests that the activities corresponded well to Common Core speaking and listening standards, but concerns are raised that a lack of speaking assessments in the Common Core may result in a subsequent distortion of K2 instruction.
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Book Reviews

Compete or Close: Traditional Neighborhood Schools Under Pressure

by Julia A. McWilliams
reviewed by David R. Garcia


Connected Teaching: Relationship, Power, and Mattering in Higher Education

by Harriet L. Schwartz
reviewed by Amanda N. Gulla


How Girls Achieve

by Sally A. Nuamah
reviewed by Shireen Keyl


Education researcher Steven Athanases discusses his co-authored article, Learning to Attend to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners Through Teacher Inquiry in Teacher Education. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.


Dicent v. Kaplan University: Third Circuit Forces Dissatisfied Student to Arbitrate Her Claims Against a For-Profit College

by Richard Fossey & Robert C. Cloud
A dissatisfied former student sued Kaplan University in federal court, accusing the for-profit university of making false claims and disseminating false advertisements. A federal court dismissed her claims, ruling that she had agreed to arbitrate her dispute with Kaplan rather than sue. On appeal, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court's dismissal.

Editorial Transition

by Gary Natriello
TCR announces the end of the current editors' term.

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